Our mountain, not only attracts walkers and book readers, who are absorbed in their thoughts, it is also a place of countless summer and winter sports.
In all seasons, the natural location of the Gran Sasso is animated by many sporting activities like: hiking, mountain climbing, horse riding, hang gliding, paragliding and mountain biking. The Gran Sasso, is a popular place for athletes, researchers and lovers of nature and is a wonder recognised all around the world.




If you love cycling and your heroes are the world champions of the “Giro d’Italia” and the “Tour the France”, you will want to ride your bike here. Campo Imperatore offers you the opportunity to become a real "mountain climber" so you can ride the streets of little Tibet, attacking steep climbs among picturesque landscapes.
If you are more adventurous, you can challenge yourself along some of  the many trails for mountain biking, which have developed on the dirt roads of Campo Imperatore, as a down-hill path along the the Gran Sasso slopes.
If you do not have a bike or a mountain bike, don’t worry, they are available to rent from our shelter.


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As well as many trails for cycling, there is a wonderful trail, reserved only for horse-riding. The Horse Riding Trail of Gran Sasso is the longest in Italy, 320 km to discover the historical and natural heritage of the Gran Sasso Natural Park. Along the trail there are water points, troughs and fountains. The path is shared of the countryside of Teramo, L'Aquila and Pescara, in the protected area of the Gran Sasso Natural Park. There are rich testimonies of the historical and artistic heritage: villages, castles, abbeys and fortified towns.


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In the summer it is impossible not to be tempted to join groups and take part in the fantastic excursions to discover the soul of the Giant through the conquest of its most important peaks.
If you love being surrounded by nature, ensure you are equipped you’re your walking shoes for exploring the amazing natural beauty.
Trekking is an easy mountain sport to practice. It does not require special training. From our shelter you can begin with simple routes such as "the ring of the three lakes", the crossing of the small canyon or you can arrange an excursion to the ruins of Santa Maria del Monte.
If you are walking among the wonderful Gran Sasso paths, where you can breathe clean air, you can see plants and flowers, which in spring paint the landscape. You may meet some nice little animal that you will never see in the city.


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The Corno Grande (Big Horn), is 2912 meters above sea level, it boasts the highest peak of the Italian Central Apennines and is home of the most southern glacier in Europe, it is called "Il Calderone". The Gran Sasso attracts many fans of mountain sports, offering a vast range of climbing walls suitable for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced


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Gran sasso is a popular place to practice downhill skiing and freeriding. The Gran Sasso gullies permit many off-road and backcountry skiing tracks.
For lovers of cross country skiing, there are over 60 km of trails, including the ring of the three lakes which begins very close to our shelter.
Thanks to high altitude, you can enjoy great natural snow from December to May.
You will also find natural rock and artificial climbing, dog-sled, snow walking and snowboarding schools.
 Gran sasso is an excellent destination for the outdoor adventurer, it has something for everyone, whether you want to relax and take in the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying the culinary treats of Abruzzo, or Ski the adrenaline filled slopes of the peaks, here at Rifugio Racollo we are thrilled to help you experience all the wonder our magical region has to offer.


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Snow Kite

E' stato inserito tra le 10 "Worldwide Snowkite Legendary Location" da un inchiesta svolta da Powerkite Magazine (Dic/Gen 2007). Lo sport è aperto ai venti di tutti i quadranti e funziona già con un minimo di 10 cm di neve in quanto privo di sassi e perlopiu' pianeggiante. Durante la stagione invernale è molto innevato, fino a 4mt, ed è sfruttabile nella sua interezza sia da snowkiters principianti che esperti, con una polivalenza che lo rende simile alla Norvegia.


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